What are the benefits?

Information learned from your participation in a clinical trial may help you and other people in the future. The data collected from the clinical trial may be used to help get the study treatment approved so it can be used to help patients who have the disease.

Clinical trials may also provide other benefits:

  • You may gain access to study treatments before they are available to the public
  • Your health will be monitored throughout the clinical trial by a team of healthcare providers
  • You may receive study treatment(s) and all study-related care at no cost

Clinical Trial Phases

Clinical trials are conducted in a series of steps called phases. Each phase helps researchers answer different questions.

Phase 1: Explores how a study treatment works in healthy volunteers

Phase 2: Begins to test the study treatment to determine the dosing and safety in patients with the disease

Phase 3: Compares the study treatment to other known treatments to see how well the different treatments work, monitors for safety, and measures health outcomes in a large population of patients who have the disease